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Welcome to In Gear Fashions, Inc.

INGEAR Fashions, Inc. has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of beach and resort fashions in the United States and abroad. Founded in 1990 by Jacob Levy and Kevin Frija in Hawaii, the company now has almost 100 employees working at its headquarters and main distribution warehouse in Miami Florida; and well over 1,000 employees globally in their factories, generating over 100 million dollars in revenue across the globe. INGEAR, SURFACE, WANT!, and KOKO-KNOT are just some of the labels under which the company markets and sells its products.

INGEAR Fashions has also licensed its name to TRISTAR Apparel Group for swimwear and to FLASH SALES, which has developed a fashion print line of one-time-use cameras that has transformed the disposable camera into a fashion accessory. INGEAR clothing and products can be found in surf and beach shops, gift shops, small boutiques, sporting goods stores, chain clothing, department, and "better" department stores all across the country. INGEAR also has warehouses in Mexico (INGEAR Mexico) and Jamaica (INGEAR Jamaica), and plans to keep up with international expansion.

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